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Garmin 60CSx

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I'm a long time user of the 60CSx. Have two of them and use them weekly for hiking for the last 5 years.

My hard drive crashed over the weekend and I was fortunate that I had Norton's Ghost running and was able to restore a completely mirrored version on all of my programs and data.

I wanted to download to the computer a track of a hike I'd done last week but was unable due to the crash. When I plugged in the 60CSx Nat'l Geo mapping software at first didn't recognize the connection between the GPS unit and the computer. It then recognized as I received a message that the driver was installed.

Tried to download the track:

Import from GPS

In a GPS receiver now connected to the PC

Type of objects - Tracks( make a freehand route for each continuous track)

Receiver connections show 'Garmin', that the unit is connected to a USB port, and testing of connection shows I'm connected.

...When I click finish it shows 26 of 26 track points have all been downloaded but the the tracklog does not display on the Nat'l Geo topo map on the computer.

I've downloaded hundreds of tracklogs over the years and never had the problem.

I believe it is in one of my display setting and hope the experts here might be able to diagnose what's happening. Please note that I have turned off NG Topo a couple of times and restarted it. And I've rebooted the PC, unplugging the Garmin unit and then replugging it in after the computer rebooted. Same affect.


Thank you

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