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WTB: car power adapter for eTrex Legend

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I just bought my 3rd one off eBay a couple of days ago. I hope the 3rd time is a charm like they say.


My first one works fine, except it has a little slide switch on the plug where you can select different voltage outputs. I didn't think about it before I bought it, but now I know that if I accidentally move that switch to a higher voltage before or during the time it is plugged into my eTrex, it will destroy it. I recommend avoiding that type of adapter.


I also purchased my second one thru eBay. It doesn't have a "coiled" cord (which I much prefer) and the plug that attaches to the eTRex isn't the exact type as the one provided by Garmin - so it occasionally slips out or loses electrical connection, and then my Legend automatically shuts itself off after 30 seconds. This is a factory feature so it won't discharge the batteries if it accidentally loses electrical connection with the power supply.


My third adapter has a coiled cord, an adapter plug that is exactly like the one Garmin uses, has a little in-line ferrite "bead" (which is supposed to reduce possible radio interference), gold plated connectors....yeah it's kool! I overcame the urge to cut off the little nib on the plug because it wouldn't let me push the plug all the way onto my Legend. I discovered later that if I push a little harder on the plug that the little nib snaps into a fitting molded into the case of the Legend and holds the plug in place so it won't disengage. It cost me $14 plus $2.99 shipping - darned good deal in my book.


It's item ePC4 (4 ft.) or ePC6 (6ft.) at this site.


Hope this helps....


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