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emailing of PQ's

Berta Nick Zoey
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I no longer want pocket queries emailed to me. How can I change that option?

You can't.

You will always get an email.

However, if your PQ contains 501 or more caches, the email won't have an attached file of the caches.


If you have GSAK, caches can be refreshed using the Groundspeak API, and that will avoid any emails being sent!


And you can refresh up to 6000 per day! :wub:

But deciding which 6000 to update on a particular day gets into a whole 'nuther bag of centipedes! :o

I'll stick with my date-based PQs, thank-you. ;)


@ Berta, Nick and Zoey

Have your PQ 'results' sent to a special email address that you only check when you want to delete all the mail. :grin:

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