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Great. So a ton of kids are going to want to go geocaching and all the spoiled ones's parents will oblige. That means a more new caches where the CO will only be active for a month or two, made from crappy containers. More trackables going missing. And kids will show other kids and the caches will get muggled. Hopefully I'm being pessimistic and will be proven wrong, but well...you all know.

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All the promotion geocaching is getting is a bit bitter sweet.

It's great to see new cachers, new ideas brought to the game, but it also brings more garbage (as previously mentioned) and will bring the game we enjoy to those looking for something to destroy (I was a punk kid once, many, many years ago).


In the few years I have been caching (6 or so years), I've seen the local cache count climb from less then 100 caches within 50km radius of the house to 400-500. The quality of the hides has dropped as much as the count has gone up.

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All the promotion geocaching is getting is a bit bitter sweet.

So, we're now a "craze", huh? (the title of the article) :huh:


That does it... I'm out.


Too bad you are not local. I have a few 5/5 caches coming out next summer that could drag you back. I just created the draft pages for 5 caches and 2 events. Going to be a fun but expensive hiding season for me.

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