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Garmin Dakota 10

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Selling my practically brand new Garmin Dakota 10. I bought it last fall for my birthday, so it's barely a year old, but used VERY little! I used it on maybe 2 short, urban caching trips in town last fall, to try it out, once on vacation this spring, and then once or twice this summer, and that is IT. Comes with the USB cord hookup and a rubbery outside cover (which I'd purchased separately), and I *may* have the papers and CD stuff...I just saw it a few weeks ago, I have to think of where it went. It works perfectly great, and I loved it, but missed the electronic compass, and that's the only reason I'm selling...but it's a great GPS, otherwise, if you are used to the regular compass, and or just starting in! PM me, and I can ship ASAP with priority shipping included (as well as tracking, insurance is extra), $130.



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