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What Happened to Gppgle Maps?


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Down the left hand side of the map should be a control panel (if you can't see it click the left of the map where there's a side bar to open it up). In that panel should be a button saying "Map Preferences", click it and you can choose Google maps, it sound's like you've currently got Leaflet maps chosen. Note this is only available for PM's.

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why the other two could'd do that is beyound me.

I think they were just confused/shocked/dumbfounded/whatever that a cacher had found 733 caches and gone 7+ months without ever looking at the map. Sure, there are ways to get caches without needing to look at the map, but it does seem slightly odd to me to go that long without EVER visiting the map. Just sayin' is all.


Oh, and for the sake of completeness, Google Maps were restored for Premium Members on May 22.

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