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How do I know what a coin is worth?

Silfron Mandotheneset

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So I have a few coins (okay, 5), most of them I've had for a while, and I was wondering how I know what they're worth? I know people sell/trade a lot but it all seems very overwhelming. I did a search for the one I think is most valuable in the "want list" forum at the top but the most recent post on it seems to be from 2010. So I can't imagine that's still right, ha.


All the ones I'm interested in are unactivated except one (and I wouldn't want to sell that one, I just curious).


I also don't know how you tell the difference between metals. I mean I get how you can tell copper from nickel, but nickel from satin nickel? Is there a guide somewhere? Should I just post them here and get opinions?

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Ok, I only have my phone to take photos with and it's terrible! So here's a list:


I have a round "tuit" geocoin, it's copper and red. I found a pic here but there's no price info.

The next is a Red Parrot that I won from a cointest (it even says "cointest winner" on it). I wouldn't want to part with it but I curious about it.

Next is a Tengwar coin, this one is activated so again I'm just curious. I believe it's the antique silver one, it looks like this one.

Next is a Garmin Colorado coin, looks like this one.

The fifth one seems to have walked off my desk... I can't really describe it well without looking at it so I'll post that one later if I can find it.


Thank you for any help! I feel like such a newbie :unsure:

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eBay can be a help on determining the price of a geocoin


but keep the following in mind -


1. look at completed items

active buy-it-now auctions (and regular auctions with no bids so far) only give you an idea of what someone would like to get for the geocoin - many of these will not sell at the given price, and thus do not accurately reflect the "going rate"


2. be aware that there is often not really a "market" for geocoins

if there are only two people interested in a particular geocoin, the first such geocoin listed may go for a high price, due to a bidding competition - but just a few days later, a second identical item may go for the starting price (since the winner of the first auction now has one, and the other bidder now has no competition)


3. do a Google search for the geocoin in question

some times, the geocoin is still available from the original vendor

that will give you a very accurate idea of the current price of the geocoin


4. be aware that color/finish/variant/metal/version can make a difference

often, the same geocoin is made with several different paint jobs

some are considered to be common, and go for low prices

others are perceived to be "rare", and go for higher prices


5. pay attention to the activation status of the geocoin

activated geocoins typically sell for less than non-activated ones


6. there are fads and manias

on any number of occasions, there have been "feeding frenzies" over certain geocoins - for a while, prices go through the roof - but most of the time, the excitement dies down after a while, and prices dropped back down to more reasonable levels


but the best advice that I can probably offer you is -

any given geocoin is worth whatever it is worth to you, personally

if you really like it, then it is priceless

if not, then why not sell it for five bucks to someone who has a higher opinion of it than you


and if you are in the market for a particular geocoin, before bidding on one on eBay, check the trading thread at the top of this forum - you may find one there

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The Tengwar and Garmin Colorado are the only two you have that would probably fetch much more than the retail value. Probably about $20-$30 on each, altho the Tengwar I've seen go higher on ebay. The other two are lovely coins, Tuit probably $15 and the Parrot was a contest coin that's non-trackable so for insurance purposes I would also venture $15. If they are activated or not affects the value too.

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