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Need input on cache design

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So, I've got this geocache I'm going to put up. It's a metal box with latches that screw down with a screwdriver. I have considered modifying the cache to be a latch that doesn't require a special tool. My main concern is 1. people won't have the screw driver and 2. people won't put it back correctly. Should I just put the latch on and make it dummy proof?










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It would depend on your goal for the cache. If you want lots of people to log it, going the dummy proof way might have merit, but personally, I like a challenge even if it turns out to prove I'm not as smart as I hoped.

Also, wouldn't the regular non-screwdriver latch make the cache accessible to muggles?


I would place a combo lock on the latch with directions in the listing. Maybe as a multi or just put the combo in the listing

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Just make it very clear in the listing that a screwdriver is required. It all adds to the fun and attraction of the cache.

Another option is to hide a screwdriver nearby, perhaps as part of a multi, were the screwdriver is at the first waypoint and is stamped with the final co-ords. Just expect to have to replace the screwdriver as it may not always be returned.

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