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Change from Traditional to LetterBox cache

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I have a traditional cache with a Ladybug theme.

I found a lady bug rubber stamp, and I want to change the cache type to Letterbox hybrid.

Do I have to request permission, or just change it myself?


Help Center → Geocaching → Cache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship


6.11. Editing a Published Listing: Major Change.




If you need to change the coordinates beyond 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 m), or change the type of cache, please contact your local reviewer. The reviewer will check the changes for adherence to the current guidelines and notify you when the changes have been made, or suggest that a new cache listing should be submitted. Please be sure to follow any instructions the reviewer may send you.


There is a link to the profile page of the reviewer that reviewed your cache listing in the bottom of your cache page (you must be logged in). If you email a reviewer and do not receive a reply within one week, the reviewer account may be inactive and you will need to contact us at Groundspeak.



When you contact the reviewer or Groundspeak please provide the cache name and GC Code for the listing.




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I always appreciate when LetterBox Hybrids are set up more like an old style letterboxing hide (where you start at one point and provide directions that lead you to the container) and not just a Traditional with a stamp at the posted coordinates.


Creating a cache with directions leading to the cache, in my opinion, separates the Letterbox type from a Traditional type and preserves the original intent and style.

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