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Berry caches!

Sol seaker

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I've run across a couple of caches lately that have some great berry picking next to them, and I was only able to get a small percentage of them, so I wanted to pass the information along so others could get them while they're still good.


This one is not far from Deception Pass, if anyone reading this is up that way, or going that way soon.

This cache has a whole lot of berries nearby that are ripe right now.

They're pretty good too!! Probably best to ignore those on the other side of that road. Private property. There are plenty right next to the cache though.

The Honey Pot


There are more on that road too. I was just there last Sunday.



This one is in south Seattle near the I-5 and 405 interchange.

The cache is either missing or difficult to get to because of all the, yes, BERRY BUSHES. Tons of them. Take clippers to get to more of them. There may not be a cache there though. It was a couple of weeks ago, at least, that I went to this one though. Blackberries.





There's an Organic Blueberry farm near this cache:

Lights out

Look for the hand written signs.

You can pick your own for 2.00 a lb or buy some already picked for a bit more. They have some berries for sale cheap too. Also good honey. Not free, but really cheap. I may see you there. :)



If you know of any more great places to find berries and caches, let us know.

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We have enjoyed great berries this time of year when heading out from trailheads in the Snoqualmie Summit area. Hit the PCT and have fun!

Yes indeedy. The best-known berry cache in the area is Huckleberry Patch Geo Cache, which is 10 years old! It's on the PCT, but you can drive right to it on a FS road. Have gone berry picking there several times. It's currently shown disabled, cos the CO likes to disable it for some reason when the berries aren't in season (and sometimes forgets to reenable it), but the cache is there, ripe for the pickin'. :lol:

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