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Photos on reviewer notes

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I was going to make a suggestion on the features suggestion board, whereby the option is added to upload a photo for the reviewer's eyes only, of the container and hiding place, so that the reviewer can see the hide and hopefully see any problems that aren't apparent from the words in the listing and reviewer notes, and which would be deleted on publication in the same that reviewer notes are now.


I was about to, then it occurred to me.


Could a cacher upload such photos to a reviewer note log in the same fashion as they can upload photos to any other log? Would these then be deleted when the reviewer note is deleted on publication? Would they be visible in my profile or anywhere else to other cachers afterwards?


Does that make sense?

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You can upload images to reviewer notes. They'll archive when the log archives. They don't show up anywhere on the site.


I just uploaded an image with a reviewer note to unpublished disabled cache to check. I wasn't sure that they didn't show up in my gallery. But I'm not seeing an image with Sept 7 date on it in my gallery.

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I'm pretty sure the reviewer notes are hidden from anyone except reviewers when the cache is published. If you notice when you enable a cache it puts the original co-ordinates in a reviewer note, I guess it;s so they can refer to them later :)

Yeah, I knew that, but I was asking if they can still access any attached images after the log is archived.

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