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Bookmarking cache finds

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You can use browser tabs to make it a little easier. Start with the list of caches you found, then open the cache pages in new tabs in the background (behind the current tab). Then go through the tabs, adding each cache to the bookmark list, and closing the tab when you're done. After the first one, the correct bookmark list will be selected by default.

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I have recently achieved 100 caches in a day and want to Bookmark it as evidence for another cache that requires you to do 100 caches before logging it. Is there an easier way than having to open each indiviual cache log and add it to a Bookmark list.


Does the challenge cache require a bookmark list?


Anyone can see you found 100 caches on 8/26/2012. :)


I should think that sould be proof enough unless the challenge owner plans on going out to check the logs in those 100 caches for your signature. :lol:

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