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« AVALANCHE 2013 » geocoin design contest

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Dear geocachers


The summer is almost over and we are already preparing for Quebec's biggest annual event that takes place in the heart of winter: The 8th edition of "Avalanche 2013"!


As each of the seven previous editions, we are seeking the help of Quebec geocachers in the production process of the geocoin by organizing a design contest for the geocoin.


Every Quebec geocacher is invited to submit one or more ideas on how, each of the two sides of the geocoin "Avalanche 2013", should look.


Each side has its own theme. These themes are:


1 - The "Snowman" Family with Mom, Dad and Baby practicing a winter activity


2 - The "geo-stunned" who is geocaching in a funny or distracted way


You can submit one or more ideas for one of the two sides, and then submit one or several ideas for both sides of the geocoin.


Submit your ideas here geopiece_avalanche@geocaching-qc.com until September 30, 2012. In your email, write a detailed explanation of your idea and, if possible, attach a drawing, a picture, a photograph or any other document relevant to the expression of your idea.


The organizing committee of the event will select the ideas that appear on the geocoin "Avalanche 2013." The authors of the winning ideas will be offered a geocoin "Avalanche 2013" and a regular geocoin "Avalanche 2013" special edition highlighting their contribution to the production of the geocoin.


We invite you to visit http://avalanche.geocaching-qc.com/ geocoins to see previous editions of the event Avalanche.


We look forward to hearing your ideas. We believe we can produce again this year a beautiful geocoin collection.


Happy caching!


André Boivin and Chantal Monic

Coordinators of the 2013 Avalanche event


PS: Note that the members of the Board of Directors of the AGQ and the organizing committee are excluded from this contest.

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