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Track is off up to 200 feet


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A friend of mine is having problems with his GPSMAP62ST. He went on a hike up around Bumping Lake (Washington State) and had between 20-200 feet difference on his track. The 62 is set to true north. I can see 10-20 feet difference but 200 plus feet on a hike. This is on a road or improved path and not bushwacking. The path is on the base map that came with the 62. It is up to date and the compass is always calibrated. The compass is set to auto so I don't know if that would cause that much of a difference. Any ideas?

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Actually, that sounds normal to occasionally see even on a 1:25 000 topo, even if it's on the high side. At least some topos have been poorly vectorised from the raw data resulting in those types of discrepancies, or the data was old/imprecise/not that good in the first place.

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Another way....


Try to re-do the hike and GPS it again if possible. Now......does the GPS repeat with itself? ie,duplicate the first results reasonably closely? Maybe it's the map(s) that are incorrect not the GPS. You can narrow it down pretty quickly.


Also, depending on the terrain, incorrect results can be a result of "multipath" error which is caused by reflected satellite signals.....hiking in a canyon, or close to a cliff face etc.

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