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High School Youth Club-Need Help

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Hello, I am a Sophomore in high school and my friends and I determined that it would be fun to start a club at my school. I'm writing this to ask if anyone has ideas of what we can actually do during the meetings. Any other suggestions are also appreciated. Also, should I hold the meetings weekly?


Thank you

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My son wanted to do the same in the school where he attends. Been having a problem getting someone to be the sponsor. Some of the ideas they have had


Hold meetings twice a month. Meeting ideas would be making caches, planning the placement, doing the write ups (especially for earth caches and where-i-go), speakers about different units, trying different units, making plans for a geocaching run trip.


Mark Case

Education Forum Moderator

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We had our first meeting today actually. We made up 3 caches, and had a look on a map where we could put them. One person seeked permission, one wrote up the cache details, one did the description of the place, and the other put it all on the website.


We had a superb response, from both staff and pupils - just over 30 showing interest.


Get it on your school bulletin, school website and even try and get it emailed out to staff (talk to your Head of Year / Learning Director).


Any help what you need, if it is resources or what - please email me.



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