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convert Multi-cache (two stages) to single stage cache (

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I presently have a multicache that I would like to change over to a regular or single stage cache.

Do I have to archive the present multicache and creat a new one even though the cache location doesn't change???


Yes, you may need to archive the multi and submit a new cache for review. You need to contact your local reviewer about a "major change":


Help Center → Geocaching → Cache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship

6.11. Editing a Published Listing: Major Change.



If you need to change the coordinates beyond 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 m), or change the type of cache, please contact your local reviewer.


The reviewer will check the changes for adherence to the current guidelines and notify you when the changes have been made, or suggest that a new cache listing should be submitted.


Please be sure to follow any instructions the reviewer may send you.




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Yes, you may need to archive the multi and submit a new cache for review.


No 'maybe' about it. :P


The Multi-Cache should be archived, and the new cache (now a Traditional) listed for review.


I got a trad converted to a multi once (back in '07 I think). The reviewer questioned me and then made the change for me.

Today, I would never consider messing with the finders stats like that.

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