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Cointest - A Random Act Of Kindness 2


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done yesteraday, done today and will continue tomorrow.... it is a little big so... it might go for a forth day or more... to finish... it needs a lot of free time...hours and hours, patience and aspirins! hahahahaha

ok.. for some.. this might not be something big... but.. trust me it is....


in case you are wondering... a friend of mine in a greek forum.. has a coin (real one) that is way too worn and can not be identified... he really wants to see what he has.. so.. I desided to help him.. by searching all the Krause catalogues for world coins from 1600 until today!!! so we are talking about thousands of pages (maybe more than 7000 pages!) and thousands of coins.. but he will be very happy if I manage to find what he has!


to be honest... I am afraid that he might has a jeton.. a kind of an old token.. and I will not be able to help him.. but.. I am trying hard to help him.. :)

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Cointest has ended and no more posts will be accepted to win the price (of course everybody is allowed to contninue doing RaoK's :) ). HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and thank you for all the entries and smiles that were generated. As soon as I have some time I will pick the winner by random, but please be patient. I think I will do that at the second weekend of January)

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As the recipient of a number of RAoK's very recently following the death of my mother, I can say they absolutely mean everything.


Thank you, yanagi, for hosting this cointest. I try to do at least one every day, but I stopped posting on the cointest a while ago. Since I already have a WHOLE SET of team yanagi coins :grin: I wanted somebody else to get your beautiful coin. If by some random chance my name comes up in your drawing, please pick another name for the coin!


Happy New Year to all!

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Done today again and received 2 too!! WOW! :D


Oh SgtMikal my friend.. here things are the same.. as bad they were.. with the crisis... people can not stand paying taxes etc all the time.. it is craze when all monthly payments and pensions are getting lower but taxes and market prices in anything are getting higher! imagine.. people can not pay for heating petrol.. so they made fireplaces etc.. to burn wood.. by that.. athens for example has a big cloud from the smoke of the fireplaces and the heating machines that burn wood... and this cloud is not the healthiest thing... it is a mess.. we will see how things will go this year...

90% of the help we took now.. in money... from IMF and EU.. will go to the banks and not to the market... so day by day... more shops are closing and more people are left jobless...


we had more than 3000 suicides in the last 2 years.. and I am not counting the ones that were stoped in the last minute.. and none died.. can you imagine? we have more deaths than a war! huh...


many that could.. left the country to go work and live in other countries.. in Germany, belgium, Australia.. for the rest of us.. we have to hold on.. and try to survive..


politicians.. hmmm... let's see how many will end up in jail... as day by day we are finding out that they were stealing money... they were taking money underthe table... so.. you can imagine how greece end up like that... it is not true what they are saying about us that we are lazy... we work more hours and we get less money than anyone in EU.. but... now if we take 500 or 600 euros per month.. we are extremelly happy! even if.. to go and drink a coffe will cost you 3-4 euros...


but.. as long we can do it.. we keep smiling we look stright and we hope that better days will come... ;)

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WOW!! I won?? thank you so much!!!

If I remember well.. I won the first one too! I am feeling lucky! :D


thank you so much for the cointest! it is a great feeling helping others.. no matter it is a small or a big help... for the other it really means a lot! of course.. most of my help was in the net.. helping many collectors.. by giving advises, giving them info about what they have.. etc.. and helping them with prices... unfortunatelly in the coin and banknote collections... many do not know values etc.. and they pay a lot of money for things that are veyr cheap.. or they sell items in low prices.. except that.. newer collectors must avoid the fake coins from china... that are getting better and better..


of course I had some good RAOK in the real world.. :) some were not so easy... in one I got injured but.. not something serious.. I admit that sometimes people see you strangelly and are suspicious when they see a guy who do not know... helping them just like that! I understand this... in the times we live... one woman wanted to give me a euro.... hahahahaha she thought.... hahahahaha I didn't accept it of course!


about the coin I was helping a friend... I didn't find the coin in the catalogues... and I was sad.. but I finally managed to identify it!!! it is not a coin but a coin weight!!! WOW!! not bad at all!!!


I like helping others if I can.. so I do this.. almost every day... hahahaha


About the price coin now... to be honest.. I was not even remembering what coins were and I had to go to the first post to see....


I do not know the coins... I know your coin as design.. and it is lovely but I do not know the 2 tone version... is it the gold one or a new version? I like your coin a lot!!


I do not know the other coin too... is it the one that is like the tranquility? Hmm...the version you mentioned as a price.. is unknown to me.. but it sounds quite nice!! Blue on Rhodium??? and I am from Rhodes? and blue is my colour?? hahahahaha


Oh boy... what to choose!!! this is difficult!! Well.. it is up to you! :) what ever you send me I will be extremelly happy my friend! :)


and never forget.. the main present is the smiles and thanks we take from others for the RAOK we do! :) this is priceless! :)


I edit to ask you? shall I send you my address in a PM?

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I don’t know why but yesterday the roak cointest by drneal came to my mind which was for sure one of the best cointests ever. I searched for the thread and found out that it was exactly 1 year ago that drneal started this cointest. Well, I took this for a sign and want to start a new one this year so I asked drneal for permission and after getting it (thanks drneal) – here it is:


Cointest - A Random Act Of Kindness 2


To explain the rules I just want to quote the inventor:




the rules:


perform a random act of kindness for your community, a stranger, a neighbor, whomever. I'm not expecting gradiose gestures, just a random act of kindness, from the heart.


1 entry per day (although you are certainly welcome to perform more than 1 kindness in a day.)


report that you have performed a random act of kindness (although you are not to report what kindness you performed, or for whom...this way there will be no judging...my only request is that it be an act that you don't normally perform during your day.)


cointest to end midnight dec. 31 2011..winner picked at random.




think of the good this group can achieve over the next 4 months.




The new cointest ends of course in dec. 31 2012, so that's the only thing I want to change. The price will be a Circle of Four geocoin (blue on rhodium) or if you want to and if they are here at that time a Team Yanagi XLE twotone.


PLEASE participate as much as you did last year!!!!!! Let's do some good!!!

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