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GSAK modified GPX loadout to Garmin only shows as waypoint

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So, if I load a PQ generated gpx file (from GC.com) directly into a newer Garmin (in the GPX folder on the SD card), you can click the Geocaches button and it shows the points whole cache listing with container size, D/T ratings, descriptions, logs and hints and all.


I take the same PQ gpx file, load it into GSAK, do some filtering by types and such, and then export it as a new gpx file. When I upload this edited file to the Garmin, all the cache info is gone and it only shows up as a list of waypoints. Pushing the geocache button on the Garmin comes back with "no geocaches found" if the gpx was generated by GSAK.


A forum search failed to show me the light, so does anyone know off hand what settings are needed in GSAK to export a gpx so that all the description info stays attached and Garmin will recognize the file as geocaches?

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Brilliant. So why did we upgrade to gpx version 1.1 if the GPSr's don't support it? Will try "downgrading" the output to 1.0 and see what happens.


As for a "send to GPS" option... never used it and probably never will. I export to GPX. With these newer GPSr's, You just plug it in, the computer sees it as a removable drive, and you copy the GPX file over to the GPX folder in the GPSr. (lot's a g's in there) With my old Garmins, the gpx goes through MapSource (so I can see the data that was generated) and then upload to the GPSr. Since the old ones don't support anything but waypoints, it didn't matter what happened to the description info.


This is my first time playing with these newer Garmins as I'm contemplating an "upgrade" from my current 76CSx model, so I'm playing with borrowed equipment to see which model I'm going to like. Probably going with the high end 62 series. Have an absolute hatred for touchscreens, so all of the state-named models are off the list.

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Groundspeak only provides a version 1.0 gpx file. They have an extension version 1.0.1, and this is the version that contains the attributes. They have the two version because some GPS units can't deal with attributes. The version downloaded is controlled in your account details.


Topografix released version 1.0 in 2002, in 2004 they released version 1.1. I am not aware of any units or software that can use 1.1. I guess there are some since GSAK can export it, but maybe that is so it is complete. Don't feel bad, there is considerable confusion over the 1.1/1.0.1 version thing.

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So, I redid my loadout with GSAK reset to version 1.0 and now the Garmin recognizes the file as geocaches and loads the whole thing with descriptions, logs, and hints included. That pretty much cinched the GPSr upgrade for me. Being able to keep GSAK updated with the entire state of Alaska via 6 PQ's and then do a single gpx export of some 5,300 caches and copy just one file to the GPSr via a drag and drop... I feel like I've been living in the dark ages with my old 1,000 waypoint max GPSr and using my BB phone to store all the cache listings.


Thanks for steering me to the gpx version issue!

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You will also be able to do much more with GSAK once you discover macros :) Photos/attributes etc can all be sent to your GPSr with GSAK.


Like you I run a few PQ's during the week and keep my local (well 60 mile radius) caches updated, then send 5000 to the GPSr when I go out caching.




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