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Geocaching Live...Offline

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I know that I can save caches and PQs so my phone using Geocaching Live, but what is the user scenario for using my phone offline. The battery drains faster when trying to connect to cell towers, so turning it off can save battery. But I have noticed that when I open a saved query it still seems to "lag" as if it's trying to connect.


And is that what field notes are for? If this does work correctly offline, I just upload the field notes once I turn the radio back on the phone? I looked at the topic for Geocaching Live but it didn't really say much.


I do have a Garmin GPSMAP 62s that I use more for finding logs (at least out in the wild; I use the phone more for city caches) but you can't take notes on it nor would I want to (not being a touch screen).

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I haven't used that app, but it looks as if you had better get things sorted out quickly!


Important Notice: As of September 15, 2012, the Geocaching Live Beta application and associated services will no longer function and will be taken offline.


I can tell you that with the official Geocaching app you can save field notes in the moment, and upload them to the site later, when you regain cell service (or any time you want if you have service).

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