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Traser Glowrings, filled with Tritium glows for 10 years

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These are filled with Tritium, like what the watches and gun sights have but in much larger quantities for a keychain. Chances are you've never seen one because they are rare.



For Sale:

2 green

2 purple

2 yellow

2 blue


These are rare and very hard to find. And if you do, it's usually an overseas dealer.


Asking $50 for all 8


Here is a link to the maker:




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wow; those are cool little items; however I noticed on the Traser website the following;


Important Note - Due to International Regulatory differences regarding the use of GTLS (traser lights), this product can only be sent to residents of the UK.


Can't think of anything real clever to put here, but one thing I know, if you put your trust in God, you can't go wrong.

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It's scary if you ingest it.

Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen which has one proton and two neutrons . It emits beta particles only and has a half-life of 12.3 years. The maximum beta energy is 18 keV, and the mean beta energy is 6 keV. A beta particle with energy of less than 70 keV will not penetrate the dead outer layer of the skin. Therefore, tritium is not an external radiation hazard , but when taken into the body it becomes an internal hazard .


If it can't pass through the outer dead layer of skin, what chance does it have in a pocket and then through dead skin?


I am assuming here, please correct me if I'm wrong: This is a safe keychain as long as it is intact.



(OddTodd and CheleBell)


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Originally posted by Cadence (OddTodd & CheleBell):

It's scary if you ingest it.






Uptakes of tritium usually result from inhalation and skin absorption, but ingestion is also possible. The blood distributes tritiated water equally among all the body fluids, just as it does with normal water. All the soft tissues in the body will be irradiated by the decaying tritium and they constitute 90% of the body weight. As a result any tritium in the body will lead to a whole body equivalent dose.



"The government inspection department Stash Hunt is open for everyone with a government inspection department and something sense for adventures."

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These are brilliant things. During winter here, I hang them on one of the trees in the garden.


I don't know why they are not available for shipment outside the UK. I could tag one up and send it out as a travel bug but it might get picked up as a hazard at the airport icon_rolleyes.gif


Andy and Dawn

(Where did all this wine come from ?)

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Sorry about the slow response guys. I haven't checked this thread in awhile. I do still have some, I'll check inventory and post back. These are completely safe. The Radiation can't even penetrate through the vial. And even if they did break, it won't even penetrate your skin. I don't know about breaking the vial and swallowing it....have to get back to you on that one....


These are used all around the world for use in exit signs, emergancy hallway markers, map readers etc. I'll post back tonight on my stock.


The ice Blue and purple are nice colors. The Green is by far the brightest, you can see it on a table clear accross the room (keys and such in the morning?) By eye perception, yellow is the dimmest. Orange is cool too but not my favorite (I don't like orange very much).

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Ok, I have green, blue and yellow at the moment. I should get more in. Sorry $5 is below my cost to get them. I'm not looking to make money here, just passing on this rare keychain to fellow geocachers.


1 green

1 blue

1 yellow


$10 shipped each or $25 for all shipped. First post first served. Paypal must be received within 24 hours of post.

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Nope. Not for shipping. If I would have sold all 8 at once to one person that would be easy. If I sell to 8 different people on different days that just creates a whole bunch of headaches. Packaging (Padded bubble type) costs me about a buck. Then postage and time.


If one person would have taken all 8 in the first place it would have been easy. Instead I've sold to 4 different people, 5 glowrings.


I hope that makes sense. Like I said I'm not trying to make any money here. Price goes up in relation to the trouble (like selling a single one to a single buyer)

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These are NOT legal in the U.S. When I first discovered these, I did a good amount of research into them and they have not been approved for import or sale in the U.S.


That being said, I may *cough* know a guy *cough* who bought one on eBay from someone in Australia and had it shipped to a U.S. address...


Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and you should disregard everything I just wrote.





Random quote:


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icon_frown.gif That's a pretty lame reason, eh? Apparently, putting Tritium in a watch so you can see the time (even though there are certainly other options to make it glow when you press a button) is less "frivolous" than putting Tritium in a keychain (where you'd have no access to the button, of course, if trying to find your keys). icon_smile.gif


I see where they are coming from, of course, I just disagree that a keychain/GlowRing with Tritium is necessarily more "frivolous" than a watch with it...


- John...

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I had a friend, yeah that's it...a friend, that ordered some off of eBay without any problems. I think he paid ~ $30 for 3, you have to pay in pounds and for shipping from the UK. He said they are very nice and live up to all of the hype they have gathered on this board. If Flashmaster gets more in, you could probably get them cheaper, but if you are inpatient like my "friend", then you'll have to pay a little more.



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