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Brand New Caches

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Hullo Folks!


Been caching for years on-and-off, but one thing continues to puzzle us.


Quite often we see FTF logs that indicate that a cacher "knew" that a new cache was about to be placed in a particular location, and that they even received an email the moment the cache got published.


Is this something clever that folk are doing with Pocket Queries, or is there some other advanced search method that I have missed on the website so far?


We'd love to be part of the FTF race, knowing that a new cache was about to be launched just around the corner!


Many thanks in anticipation.


EMarkM Team

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as a PM you can set up notifications, so you get an email just the moment a new cache gets published


Many, many thanks for this - it's exactly what I had imagined!


I've set up three notifications now, for "published" trads, unknowns and multis in our five mile radius - just what I needed.


Now all I need to do is figure out how I could have found this out on my own.


Happy Caching :)



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