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Train station

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I want to add a train station waymark in the train station/depot cat. couple questions. can I use the name Amtrak in the description like this station is served by the amtrak Michigan services route the wolverine 6 trains a day stop here. would that be allowed? And can I have the logging requirement be that they must take a picture of the train while its at the station. Would I be allowed to post a PDF link of the schedule from the trains website?

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On the category pages there is always a link saying "show additional information". There you can find all specific requirements for posting or visiting a location in this category.


Generally speaking: the more information, the better.


The name of the company that manages this site is an essential information, and links to other resources always add to the value of a waymark.


When you want to post a waymark in a new category, it is always a good idea to have a really deep look at existing waymarks, that will give you an impression of the quality level and some best practices.


Your other question: NO, the category managing group defines the logging requirements, the waymark owner is not allowed to change them.


It is a bad idea, anyway. Most active waymarkers are into posting, most do not care a lot about visits, especially not about visiting locations with extended visit requirements. You probably will never get a visit on your waymark.

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There is no problem of using Amtrak in the title of the waymark. I usually name the station its historic name if that included a railroad's name it would be included even if now the station is served my Amtrak. I would include the Amtrak information in the waymark description. If the station was built for Amtrak then it would be in the title. There is no problem with putting a link to the Amtrak schedule.


In general additional logging requirements over what the category already specifies are frowned upon. Some categories may allow them and others will not. Best to email the category group leader to ask.

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