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Moving out of city, what do I do with my hidden cache?

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Hi everyone!

We hid a cache close to our house so we can do maintenance when needed but we are moving 500km away.

What do we have to do with our cache?

- Leave it here? (but we won't be able to make maintenance)

- Remove it and unmark it from the website?

- Take it with us and hide it where we go?


Please help! We're moving in 3 days!

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You can leave your cache in place IF you make arrangements with a local geocacher to take care of any maintenance issues. Or, you could offer to adopt the listing over to that local geocacher.


If there's nothing particularly historic or unique about the cache, consider archiving it to free up room for a new cache after you move.


If you take your cache with you, feel free to hide it near your new home and submit a NEW listing for review. You cannot move an existing cache 500km.


Good luck with your move!

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In the past I would have said, "Try to find someone to adopt it" but now I say archive it. Make room for someone else to put out a cache.


I agree with that in this instance.


Archive it and take the cache with you.


Find a new home for it in your new location, pop in a new, fresh logbook, and there's your "hello" to your new caching neighbours.




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Thank you everybody for your advices!

I leave on September 1st. I'll archive it on August 31 in the afternoon, remove it at night and keep it as a souvenir of my stay in this city!

I'll put a brand new one around my new place!

I think I'll leave a sticker in place of the former cache informing geocachers (who saved the cache for later) that the cache is gone.


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I have a popular cache that is also a TB Motel.

It has quite a few Favs and is quite busy with TB movement.

Can I move it about two miles and keep the listing the same and just change the coords?

I really do not want to archive it.


Help Center → Geocaching → Cache Ownership: A Long-Term Relationship




6.11. Editing a Published Listing: Major Change.


If you need to change the coordinates beyond 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 m), or change the type of cache, please contact your local reviewer. The reviewer will check the changes for adherence to the current guidelines and notify you when the changes have been made, or suggest that a new cache listing should be submitted. Please be sure to follow any instructions the reviewer may send you.


There is a link to the profile page of the reviewer that reviewed your cache listing in the bottom of your cache page (you must be logged in). If you email a reviewer and do not receive a reply within one week, the reviewer account may be inactive and you will need to contact us at Groundspeak.



When you contact the reviewer or Groundspeak please provide the cache name and GC Code for the listing.




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