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I've been Trying to learn how to use the pocket query feature to geocache with. When I select an area and have a PQ made, is it listing the caches randomly? Is there a way I can have them listed in an order I can go find them?


I did watch the PQ video, but I guess I'm still not quite sure how to use them to my advantage...

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You may want to take a look at the Caches Along A Route feature found on the Your Pocket Queries page. This allows you to specify a route, the search width along that route (out to 5 miles), what types of caches you wish to seek, etc, and then build a PQ off of that. Yes, the caches in a PQ do seem to be listed randomly within the PQ, the only ways to order them is to either look at your GPS display, or use a mapping program that works with your GPS. You can also open .GPX and .LOC files in Google Earth to plan a trip.


Hope this helps!

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