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Statistics, Map and logging issues

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Decided to come across from Geocaching and give Waymarking a try.


Interested to see the addition of Maps, statistics etc. Thought I would start my profile going by logging a couple of my favourite oddities found Geocaching and also on a couple of trips abroad.


Not too pleased with the results... :( Four visits logged...problems I am experiencing are


1) Only two visits in UK are shown on map screen (i have visited 4, 3 in UK and 1 abroad)


2) Statistics takes into account only the day I logged into the site and posted the visits despite giving the visits dates in the past. Is this how it is meant to work? Does not allow for historical visits in that case even to the point of logging something visited last week correctly.


Milestones has taken my earliest dated visit to be my first milestone - this is good :)


3) Find the whole select 'Visited' or 'Posted' and then clicking submit thing a bit too clunky - does it have to

be set up this way ? The Geocaching site manages without this type of carry on.


Understand that these are NEW features and their may be teething problems. I don't plan on making ALL my posted visits using historical info it is just that I have a few once in a lifetime ones I would like to use from a couple of years ago. The statistics dating seems too messed up to consider being useful - even if dealing with recent visits - just defaults to date visit entered rather than date on the log.


Hope that all made sense and looking forward to some advice.....

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These problems are very well known, and there is no solution in sight. Sorry!


#1 is a caching (not Geo-, IT speak) side effect. When the stats are called they are stored for 24 hours and not refreshed. There is an update button, but is does not work well for postings and not at all for visits. Have a look tomorrow, then all your visits will be displayed.


Your other obsevations are correct and there's nothing we can do about it. I do manage my own database for my personal stats, but this not something everyone would like to do.

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Many thanks for your reply.


I have left it 24hrs and now another location is shown on my map, so I guess the ones logged today will show up after a similar wait - clunky :blink: but manageable.


Is this 'Clunkiness' down to a difference in popularity between the WM site and the GC one? are their less resources? <_<


On the statistics front I can see that trying to fit in everybodies historic logs would be problematic - where would they draw the line. Unfortunately, in my personal opinion, I believe it a case that they didnt think it through, implemented the current system and it would now be far too awkward to change.


I guess the whole challenges/virtual cache scenario indicates the attitude of the company when it comes to doing its own thing in the face of opposing views from large numbers.(..but that argument has been done to death in other threads - no need to mention it again here)


I think I have to review my reasons for coming to the site - like many I just moved across from GC out of curiosity. Then I got to thinking it would be nice to tie in with photography, then there is the whole OCD / collecting element and the 'foursquare' type icon thing.


Going to stick with it a bit longer, get the camera out and post some new waymarks for you all in sunny Scotland.

I will try and get my category grid filled ...someday :rolleyes: , still intend to log some visits from my past though.


What is harder to accept is coming back from a week away and having all my logs appear on the date they were entered into the computer - can anybody see that being acceptable on the Geocaching site :mad::mad:


...Not holding breath for anything being done. Will ignore the statistics page like the plague from now.


Thanks again for the reply and sorry if my Newbie complaints and issues have already been thrashed out on the forum many times before.

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Hi I just came along from GC.

Is there any news about that only logging on actual date issue?

It works very well on GC and both is Groundspeak. Just have a look how they manage this thing on GC site...

If it stays like this the whole statistic page is absolutely useless and annoying.

And I know a lot of people for whom the statistics is absolutely essential on GC.

Would really be nice if somebody could fix this problem...

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