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Posting a geocoin tracking number online so people can discover it.


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I saw that a cacher posted a photo and the code for one of their travel bugs on Facebook and gave permission to "Discover" it.

I have a geocoin that I do not plan on releasing so I thought this would be a great way to allow others to discover my coin.

People can discover a TB and GC in a cache and in person. So wouldn't online be OK as long as the owner did it and gave permission?

I've been going through the rules on Geocaching.com but I cannot seem to find anything that fits this.

Is it against the rules to post a travel bug or geocoins code online for the express purpose for people to discover it? Please let me know.

I personally do not consider it bad etiquette but another way to play the game. However if there is a rule that says not to do this then I will take my post down.

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It is considered virtual logging and not a good thing to do to someone else's coin/tb. If it's your own then if something happens you only have yourself to blame.


It used to have consequences attached but the guidelines have been changed so it's not so cut and dried. All you'll find in the guidelines is that the tracking number is to be available ONLY to those who have seen it in person.

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If the one who put it online is the owner, it's up to him to do that. If it's not his, he should remove it.

The one who buys the trackable, is owner and responsible. When you're not the owner, you should try to fullfill the goal.

When a trackingcode is shown online, others might grab it virtualy and place it in a cache virtualy. If you don't mind as an owner, that's ok.

And don't forget that the one seeing the trackingcode can act like he wants: ignore it because he didn't actualy see the trackable or discover it.

So it's up to the people how they play the game. Do it your way...

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I can only point you to the last paragraph in the post linked below - from Eartha, our forum Mod:


How to log a travel bug or geocoin.


Personally, I wish the Virtual Logging issue could be more strongly policed by Groundspeak: I see it occurring more and more. I've deleted two virtual logs on a couple of my coins recently - a photo showing the tracking number had been added to one of the logs and I didn't see it until the virtual log appeared and I had a look through the Gallery. A couple of months ago I reported a blog link with 12 geocoins offered for virtual discovery but they're still there. There's currently a Cure Leukemia geocoin being displayed for virtual logging on that well-known video site (I haven't reported that one.)



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I can only point you to the last paragraph in the post linked below - from Eartha, our forum Mod:


How to log a travel bug or geocoin.




Yep it is there at the very bottom of the page.

How to log a travel bug or geocoin.



"If you log a bogus virtual log on a TB, or offer your own TB up for virtual logging you will risk having that TB page locked forever. This means, if you never saw a bug, but got the bug number and you log it, that bug is in risk of being taken out of the game."


Now it does say TB for Travel Bug but I decided not to take the chance.


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Our Geocaching reviewer for my state sent me this.


"At this time virtual logging of travel bugs and geocoins is allowed so long as the object owner is OK with it. I learned this from TPTB at Groundspeak during the block party weekend in Seattle.


The owner of a TB or geocoin may delete virtual logs if they don't want to allow it. But be consistent - don't treat logs from someone you don't like differently than logs from others."


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