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Determine nearby caches

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I'm aware of the .10 mile rule when hiding a cache, and I've found a good spot in a park that does not violate that rule. My question though is around the multi-stage/mystery type caches in the surrounding area. If someone lists a cache and the coords do not take you to the cache, they're just a starting point, and you have to solve a riddle, etc., to obtain the actual coords. Then the real cache coords wouldn't be shown on the map, therefore I run this risk of hiding mine too close to the other CO's cache location, and wouldn't know that until the reviewer indicated as such. Is this a valid concern? If so, am I just stuck with blinding hiding in an area like this?


I'm only asking because I'm doing more than just hiding a container. I'd hate to do all of this planning around a very specific area only to find out I'm too close to someone else.




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