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HELP - looking for cachers from around Etna


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i went to etna this summer and felt so sorry there is no box up there at the crater that i created one and put a TB in it.


but the rules and reviewers got more strict and now i need someone who can prove that s/he could go and do maintenance at the cache if needed.


is there please someone who would be willing to promise that s/he would be OK to check it up once/twice year, plese let me know. I am also OK to leave the ownership to someone else, just to make the cachers go to Torro del Filosofo, touch the warm ground and look at the colourful crater :)


the rules are OK also with a muggle who would be living in the area and could promise the same.


thanks in advance!


tomas a.k.a. KLepo


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hi, honestly - i need at least someone who makes the promise, i WONT request the person to actually do the maintenace, all the caches on peaks and hard to get places basically maintain themselves - if there is no paper, cachers will put one in, etc.


PLEASE if at least someone who is going to Torre del filosofo - could You PLEASE take out the Geocoin i put there and let it travel?! I dont want the owner to pay for my mistake :(


The cache is located at N 37° 43.911 E 015° 00.011, under a yellow stone.

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