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Adopted a couple of TB's but need their numbers


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As I adopted 3 TB's a few weeks back and a couple are MIA, but I am just going to leave them for now in case they eventually turn up somewhere, My question is, it just dawned on me last night that I would need their numbers if I want to write anything about them, is this correct? I am trying to find the original TB owner but I cannot find their message where they asked for someone to take them over plus a couple of caches which I also took. Hope this is making sense. :blink:


I looked at the TB's pages last night and it asked for the numbers, but I do not have them. I remember the owners geo name and I have looked to see where I could email them, but can't find where I can do this, Plus they were giving up geocaching so the chances are they will not read the message, hmmmmmmm.

Thank you for any help.

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If the trackables were formally adopted over to you, by the current owner passing them to you through the adoption utility - www.geocaching.com/adopt - then you'd be seeing the tracking number on the page, it shows up in the upper right corner in the Trackable Options box.


I take it this is not what happened?


If you can get the old owner log on, they can make a transfer by the adoption page. Then you'll see the tracking number and you'll be able to edit that page.

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:o Holding my hands up and admitting i didn't notice the top right had the code ooooops.........ok i am learning about adopting still. Many thanks for the 2 replies and help many thanks, Something else I have learnt :). Off to polish my glasses! :blink: Edited by ayrbrain
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