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Saving Puzzle Solutions

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I am quite confused as to the "proper" way to do this.


I am at home, on the geocaching website, and solve a puzzle related to a cache. I check the coordinates, and they are correct. Great! Now, I would like to note this for myself, when I have time to grab the cache.


I can't create field notes on the website. I can add them as a note on my iOS app, but that doesn't sync to the website, and doesn't let me save coordinates. I could also create a waypoint on the cache in my app. Or, I can post a log as a Field Note on the app, but that also doesn't let me add coordinates. In fact, if I add the field note, then edit it on the website, it appears publically on the cache!! Definitely not what I want! What is the correct way to do this?

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If you hit the pencil next to the coordinates, you post "corrected coordinates". You can't post true private field notes because you're not a premium member. Before I did, I made an Excel spreadsheet with the name and general area of the cache and the final solved coordinates so I could add them as a waypoint on my phone if I'm ever in the area.

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If you correct the coordinates on the website to your puzzle solution, those corrected coordinates only show up when you are logged in to your account. Everybody else will still see the original coordinates. I don't know if that's a PM feature it not.


You can also write in the note area....again, only visible when logged in under your account.

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