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OT: Costco Sportrak Pro $100 Rebate Arrived

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Originally posted by PSUPAUL:

You probably need the original UPC to send to Magellan, and I am assuming you already had to send that to Sam's/Costco. If you still have it then I say send away!

Actually, you didn't need to send the actual UPC to Costco for the rebate. I'm not sure if the costco rebate is cross checked against the fufillment center Magellan uses, but once we get the Costco rebate in hand, maybe I'll give it a try. What have ya got to lose?


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I also received my $100 Sams Club rebate yesterday, (Sportrak Map) as you did not need the bar-code to get it, I also sent in for a $50. Magellan rebate that required just a copy of the original sales receipt and the bar code. That $50 magellan rebate ended in Dec 02. You had to buy the unit and the Mapsend topo, It all came in the Mapsend Pack. I called Magellan and they advised me to send it in, but I am still waiting for the check. Magellan advised me it will take up to 10 weeks to get their rebate. With both rebates, ($150.00 total) it makes the package a sweet deal. BW

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I applied for the Sams club rebate on line @ SamsClub.com. then click on rebates, they will walk you through the process.You will need your dated receipt. Nothing to mail.

ON the magellan $50. rebate, you need the barcode off the clamshell pack only. There is no bar-code on the topo cd only on the GPS box. Magellan told me to just send the code in off the bundle, not each seperate item and a COPY of the reciept.

Good luck,


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