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Creating Geocache

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So my problem is that my sister and I went out and created a geocache. We then took down the coordinates and went home to put into the system. We were going through the process of logging it in the system and at the end of the process it gave me the option to save and exit; so I did. Does this mean I just saved it and didnt actually submit it? If so, how to I access it so that I can finish it and submit it. If not, how long does the approval process take because it seems like its been near a week now and I still dont see it in the system.


- THanks!

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if you have NOT submitted it yet-like the post above me told you how-then go to the geocaching website and select "your profile" at the top. Hit those exact words, not anything from the drop down menu. First thing on the page is a list of unpublished caches. kinda like>>>


Your Unpublished Disabled Caches


Black Hawk Down4; Rescue.

Black Hawk Down3; BLACK HAWK DOWN!!

Black Hawk Down2; Air Support

Black Hawk Down1; Irene


I would then select the one I want and follow the instructions on the first reply to send it in for review. If it is all good-not to close to any other caches and appears to follow all guidlines, then the reviewer will publish it. If there is a problem he/she will write a note on the cache page. You should get email either way, might have to check your SPAM folder.

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