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looking for Cachers in bavaria able for tree-T5

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Hi everybody in Bavaria / Frankonia!


I've an idea for a series of mystery-caches. Two of them related to eachother and three bonus-caches are based on that couple.

And one of that couple must be an D1T5 (It's based on the whohle Idea / Storry behind that there is such one - one D1T5 and the other one D5T1)


And my question - better request - is to find somebody who can help me hiding (an supporting / owning?) this cache, I'm (YET!) unable to handle...


The Hiding area would be in Nuernburg / Frankonia. And the T5-part is / would be hidden in a tree.


Gladly I'll tell you the whole Idea / the whole series and discuss detailes of my plane - I'm in the PLANNING-phase...


I'm looking forward for your answers and hope we'll enjoy hiding that cache-series and earning "some" favourite-points for that...


See you and happy caching


Team 2xM

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