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Shadow's Friend and NOSNOW 2012 Personal Coin


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I would like to introduce our personal coin for 2012, Happy Birthday Shadow. Shadow was going to be 10 years old this year. 10 year is a big deal for a little bunny. The average life span of a rabbit is 7-11 years; A Holland Lop is 5-7 years. So tuning 10 was going to be a major mile stone for Shadow.


Shadow had been fighting a case of head tilt since late February. He had been a very brave bunny and put up a very good fight. Unfortunate he has lost this fight this May.


Shadow was a fun loving little rabbit. He loved getting treats, watching TV, having cointests and sending out photo cards to brighten people day. He just loved making people happy, and has been planning his birthday party for a long time so cachers could come and enjoy a fun filled day. With all the planning that Shadow had done, we carried on with his party. The event GC3KFFC was very fun, Shadow would have loved it. We played lot of rabbit games, had hot dogs, cake (carrot of course) and ice cream.


As with all of our personal coin, we do not sell them, but we do trade. The coin in the middle is the coin we will be trading. The one on the left was given out at his event and the one on the right is special. We will be at GCF 2012 in Colorado for in person trades, let us know and I can set coin aside. If you are unable to attend GCF and would like to trade send us an offer. If you don’t have any trader, send us a line I can point you to a store that has a coin we would like.


The coins are trackable and have a custom ICON


Here are a couple picture of cachers playing pin the tail on the rabbit, carrot top and thumping.




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I am so sad to hear you lost Shadow, but I am sure he was very happy right t the end in spite of the head tilt. He was loved and well cared for without a doubt.

Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge,Shadow. Please give loves to all the bunnies I have there waiting for me.

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