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National 4-H: RFP 2013 National Science Experiment

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Among dozens of other projects and activities, 4-H'ers can participate in Engineering & Technology projects, including Aerospace, Robotics, Small Engines, and Geospatial. Each year the National 4-H holds a National Science Experiment. It just so happens that next year's experiment (October 2013) will focus on geospatial and geographic technology and the powerful use of GPS/GIS concepts and programs.



Request for Proposals (RFP) for the

2013 National Science Experiment


4-H National Youth Science Day (4-H NYSD) is a coordinated, nationwide effort to support the Cooperative Extension Systems focus on expanding science, engineering and technology programming for our nations youth.


4-H National Headquarters and National 4-H Council would like to invite Cooperative Extension System faculty and staff at all land-grant universities (LGU) to submit a letter of intent outlining an innovative experiment for youth to conduct during 4‑H NYSD 2013.


The LGU and Cooperative Extension System that submits the winning application will receive a $20,000 award. Staff from the winning LGU will collaborate with staff from 4-H National Headquarters and National 4-H Council to provide subject matter leadership during the 2013 NYSD development phase (spring and summer of 2013). A variety of print, online and video materials will be created for the 4-H field to support their efforts in hosting NYSD events and in reaching youth, partners, funders and volunteers.


2013 Subject Area Focus: GPS/GIS

In recent years, 4-H has seen an explosion of interest around Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). In an effort to highlight the highly relevant work of the land-grant university system, expose more youth to this cutting-edge subject area and highlight potential future career opportunities youth might have in this field, this years National Science Experiment will focus geospatial and geographic technology.


Collaboration and Partnership Emphasis

A key selection criterion will be that applicants work in collaboration with a public or private sector partner that can provide additional experience in education/science/design. This emphasis is intended to drive new local and national partnerships for 4-H and maximize the educational quality of the National Science Experiment. Partners might include a university science or engineering department (other than the department that houses Extension), a science museum, science center, a company in a related industry or an educational institution/organization. The goal is to drive more partner support for 4-H and engage new audiences in exciting 4-H work.


Maybe you know someone at a land-grant university or someone at a public or private sector partner site that is interested in this RFP??

Letter of intent (LOI) due Friday, September 14, 2012 by 2:00 pm EST





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