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I am new to geocaching. Totals finds 2 using an iPhone.I now have a new Magellan Explorist 510. It lets me see a list of caches from nearest to farthest relative to my current location.

Is there a way I can enter a location other than the current location to see a similar list on the handheld ? I have downloaded cache information relating to some areas that I visit and put them on to the handheld and Google Earth. I can view the sets on Google Earth but this needs a computer. My sets are based on post codes that I visit, so, ideally, I would want to enter those.


Thanks in advance.

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If you load the caches from Pocket Queries, you can name the PQ (before submitting), load those queries onto your card then you can pick and choose whichever area you wish simply by opening that particular file from your card in the unit. The name that you created for the PQ will be the file name on the card.


They will still be nearest first, but only within that particular PQ, as opposed to all of the caches total.


EDIT to add: you could use the postal codes as PQ names, if that is what you desire. Otherwise, the GPSr probably is not going to recognize a postal code.

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Thanks for the reply.

What I actually want to do is enter a postcode into my combined sets to get a listing like I can on the geocaching.com website.

I know that when I get to a location anywhere I can set Current Location and use that to get the listing of nearby caches. The idea is to check out locations when in the field to see the setup beforehand.




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