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Is Groundspeak Inc. getting very rich from this outdoor hobby?

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Sure, they're getting rich, but that is the fundamental point of a business. Now, is $30 excessive? I believe it's relatively fair. I suppose one could argue that perhaps the membership fee could be $29 and that Groundspeak donate $1 for every premium membership purchased to charity. Now, that would earn the much respect from me.


I also suppose one could argue that $30 for a game is inappropriate when they're are starving children in the world. I'm a Libertarian, so I have no room to pass that judgement. I will say that I don't play golf because I believe golf courses to be a waste of green spaces for the elite of the world when the space could be much better used, IMO, for the whole community, or perhaps...wait for it...a homeless shelter, free hospital, etc.

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If they were not making a (horrible word for many) PROFIT we probably would not be enjoying this as we do.


Profits are not bad, you would not be in business very long if you didnt make a profit.


And if they get rich, what is wrong with that?? Wealth creation is a good thing. It creates jobs for others (which is sharing the wealth, just taking it away and giving to others for no reason is theft), gets innovation and all that going. People creating coins and TBs and such. All good. They worked hard for their money. It is OK they are rich.


$30 is about 20 Euro. That is not much money at all. A cheap recreation in even NL where eveything is expensive.

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The people that I'm thankful to... are the cache hiders.


Clap, clap, clap.

Thats it!

Yes, hats off to all of the unpaid contributers to this game - especially the often-forgotten CO's. The volunteers are often thanked and shown appreciation.


One reason for the recurring couriosity about Groundspeak finances is the business structure, especially the heavy reliance on volunteers. That business model is very common among non-profit organizations (who gerally need to have open books), but is quite uncommon among privately-held for-profit businesses.

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