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MiGO Tenth Anniversary Coin

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The Michigan Geocaching Organization, MiGO, celebrated it's 10th anniversary in April of this year.


To Commemorate the occasion a Geocoin was commissioned. Not just any Geocoin but a Shaped Sherpa coin.


Chris Mackey did the design work.


After a fair amount of time to let our members buy the coin we have decided to open sales to the public.







Coin Stats:

Material: Zinc alloy with imitation hard enamel

Size: 2.00" width

Thickness: 4.5mm

Finish: 2 tones plating (black nickel + shiny nickel)

Color: 6C+3C filled

Inner hole: 4pcs

Fitting: a strong magnet at the middle of front side

Attachment: 1pc x 23mm dia caddy coin by iron soft enamel with 1C+1C filled

Remark: Laser engraving codes with coloring by 1 spot on backside only

Total qty: 250 sets


These coins are trackable with an Icon and are now available in the MiGO Store

Click Here


Cost is only $15.00

There are only 48 coins left, don't miss out :)

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So cool! I'm a MIGO member and Chris Mackey fan :wub:


Ordered one for myself and one for my sister - thanks!


Hey, thanks! :) I just wanted to note that this coin is designed to be added right onto the straps of your swagbag/backpack, too. (note the design loops on either side for threading onto the straps) There are different caching events and activities icons all the way around the center tag which can be dialed to for picture opportunities, contests and fun. MiGO was really great about letting me run a little wild with their ideas and I had a lot of fun on this one :grin:

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