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Download caches for when I lose my signal?

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I'm sure this is explained somewhere else, so if you could let me know what that link is, I would appreciate it! I'm having trouble getting the right words to search for.


I use my cell phone (MyTouch 4G (Android)) with the official Geocaching app to do all of my geocaching.


In the city or other places where I have a good 4G signal, it works great!


However as I venture away from the metro into the more rural caches, I'm running into problems when I lose a signal, then I can't get any caches to come up, let alone search for.


I see the app has a feature "Offline Lists" but I can't figure out how to use it.


Next week I'm heading to rural parts of Kansas and Nebraska. I know I'll have no signal out there. So I would like to somehow download the 3-4 caches I've already investigated beforehand.


Bonus would be to also download the map data that goes along with it from google maps!


So how can I download the info for those 3-4 caches to my phone, so when I get to a place when I lose a signal, I can still use the map data?




(and I'm a premium member, if the avatar doesn't state it)

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Create your PQ and then with your android online, select pocket queries, then once your PQ is loaded click your options button and choose the save option and it will save the PQ contents to your Offline Lists.


Others may explain better, but that should get you started. The official app doesn't support offline mapping on Android.

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