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Planning Caches on a Motorway Route

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Hello Experienced Cachers!!!


I am reasonably new to this - and we are about to go on a long trip - so thought we would try and take in some caches in service stations (I am in the UK) on the way!!


There maybe something blatantly obvious I am missing on the site... BUT Please can someone tell me ---

Is there any way to put your route in and get it to pull caches on motorway services on that route?? Up until now we have stopped wherever and just looked from phone on arrival =but would like to plan stops with caches this time!!


Reason I ask is I am currently going from the map on the pc - clicking on every cache which looks be on the route - BUT a load of them are not accessible from the motorway = I just want to get ones in Services and laybys but without clicking on every single cache and going it to read "not accessible from motorway"



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Caches along a route is also likely to suffer the issue of bring up caches that can not be accessed from the motorway. But should give you a shorter list to look at.


This can be a problem but cut your Search Radius distance to a minimum to try to reduce it a bit.



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