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MapView Now Showing Found Caches as 'Smileys'

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How do I get the official geocaching app for my android phone to 'SHOW' the caches I have previously found as 'smileys'. This works fine on the website, on my fellow cachers iPhones, etc... but for mine, all I get are a bunch of green cache symbols and the only options I have are to 'hide found caches' or to click each one and see if it has a 'checkbox' on the icon on the cache information page.


Is there a setting I am missing or is this something not included in the Android version of the app?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Nevermind I guess, apparently the android version DOES NOT SHOW FOUND CACHES WITH SMILEYS on the map view. The iPhone version of the app does, no clue why the android version doesn't, sucks.


Definitely should be included in a future app update, to be honest I probably wouldn't have purchased the app if I knew this ahead of time.

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Hmmm, I never noticed that!

But then again, I don't normally care to see caches I have already found on the map anyway...who needs the extra clutter? :lol:


The only time I WOULD care about caches I have found would be if I was checking for proximity from a location where I was considering placing a cache...in which case it doesn't matter if I found any of them or not.

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