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Eliminating labels and reducing icon size

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When creating GPX files of a specific area to view in Google Earth I have found the the results are a mess of green icons and large white labels. Is there any way to clean this up? I can change the properties of individual caches but if I try to change the properties of all the caches, I lose the unique icon for each cache type and the default GE "yellow push pin" takes their place.

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I do not know what you are doing to get GPX file onto google earth ( could you show ME how?)

1. Open Google Earth

2. Go to File > Open...

3. Browse to the location of the GPX file

4. Under the file type dropdown, change it from the default "Google Earth (*.kml, *.kmz, ...)" to "Gps (*.gpx, *.loc, ...)"

5. Select the GPX file you want to open, and click Open


But when I use the google .kmx plg in to view ALL caches they move around and are unreliable for where they actually are.

The Geocaching KML viewer has an intentional, random error on each cache. From the link right below the KML download link:

Please Note: The coordinates used in Google Earth are only an approximation and can be up to 100 ft from the actual location. The Geocaching Google Earth feature is a tool for viewing geocaches in a general location. Do not use the coordinates in Google Earth for finding or placing geocaches.

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