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My Cache Description Won't Go In Paragraph Form

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Ok so this isn't my first cache but for some reason the computer is giving me problems with it. My cache is not yet published and I am have finalized my cache description. It is only a couple short paragraphs consisting of a couple sentences but it won't let me put them as I want them. It will let it be in the format I want it when I look at it before I tell it to save, but then once it does and I click on the link to go look at my Geocache's page it mushes everything all together in one big lump. It has had no problem with letting me do this in the past, in fact it let me do it when I published my last cache just 2 weeks ago. Is it something where I need to select/deselect something or do something regarding the new online form to submit a new cache or what? I was really hoping to get this finished today so that my cache can hopefully get published by tomorrow or the day after. If anyone could give me a hand with this it would be a huge help!! Thanks



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The new cache submission forms apparently default to HTML, so you have to go back in to turn the HTML off.


Yes, it sounds like you have it set to html but are simply typing in straight text. Without proper html tags, all of the formatting will be ignored.

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