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Any cachers in or near Muscat, Oman?


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Any cachers in or near Muscat, Oman? I'll be there for a few hours on November 13 of this year. There are two caches within walking distance of where the ship's shuttle will let us off in town. Unfortunately one is in a park (Riyam Park GC1XTP0) that does not open until 1630, not leaving us enough time to get back to the ship. I think the other (Riyam Walk GC19RKK) would be doable if we had more than a few hours but my wife does not want to take the chance since we would be by ourselves in an isolated area. She is afraid as to what would happen if we were to get hurt. I've sent emails to the cache owner of those two caches but I think he is out of the country at the moment and not checking his Geocaching email.


Long story short - Is there anyone in or near Muscat that would be willing to place a cache or two in the tourist area of old town. Maybe near the tourists spots such as the Muttrah Souq, the Bait Al Zubair museum or along the Corniche. I hate to be in a country, even for just a few hours and not be able to get a cache.

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Try contacting Camel Master. Also, taxis are very cheap and they will take you wherever you want to go. That is what I would do.


Good luck.

Camel Master is the person I've tried contacting. I think he is out of the country at the moment. Taxi would get me to Riyam Park but the park doesn't open until 4:30. Too late for us to get back to the ship. The description of the second cache, Riyam Walk GC19RKK, has my wife concerned being that we would be on a time limit and in an out of the way location in a foreign country.


Based on what I've read about Camel Master and his wife I have no doubt that he will respond once he reads his email. I still have three months and was trying to cover all bases.

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