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Downloading Pictures to a new cache

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The cache submission form had a place to attach a picture, however, this will only put a tiled border down the sides of the cache page. I assume you are referring to placing pictures in the body of the page, like in the description. To do this you will need to insert images using HTML codes. I'm just starting to mess around with HTML on my cache pages and it does make the page a lot more attractive. It seems daunting at first but this website....




...was really helpful. It gives you all the code you'll need to do stuff like insert images, change font size and color, insert page breaks and more.

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This is how I do it:


First put the photos online somewhere like photobucket.com.


Next go to the cache listing, click on "edit listing" (assuming you've previously created the cache page without the photos).


In another window go to photobucket.com and click on "HTML code link" for the photo you want. It will copy the code for you.


Back on the cache listing, in the "long description" box (or in the "short description" box if everything will fit) right click then "paste" the code in. Click on "submit changes," and then view your newly edited listing to make sure the photo is the right size, etc. If the photo is too big, etc., you'll have to go back to photobucket.com, resize it on there, save it as a copy (it doesn't seem to work if you resize it and save over the top of the old one), then get the code for that new resized copy and paste it in place of the old code.

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