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Putting in coords

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I use an iPhone. I frequently find it to be more accurate that my Garmin Oregon 450T. I can't imagine caching without my iPhone. I use the Geocaching App most of the time, but I also use Geosphere and L4C Pro when I am caching in areas without good cell phone coverage.


Here is the way to enter coordinates into the Map App. You need to type "loc: " (all small letters) in front of the coordinates and

it will drop the pin in the correct place. You need to type loc: (It needs to be just like that with no capital letter and a colon after loc) and then a space between the colon and the first number of the coordinates. If you don't do this, the Map app drops a pin on the road closest to your location, and not the actual location.


If you are using the Geocaching app, you need to select "Navigate to Cache" When you are in that window, there is a little flag on the upper right part of the screen next to the compass icon. Press the flag icon. Give the location a name, select the location Latitude and Longitude and enter each. This will then drop a little orange flag at the location. Touch the flag, then touch the little > and then select Set as Target. The App will then treat the flag as the cache location and let you navigate to it. I think you can add as many of the little flags as you want.


I hope this helps.




I use the iPhone app and I found part one of a multi stage cache and i can't figure out how to put the coordanints into the app on the phone any help is appreciated :)

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