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Magellan 1700 Roadmate

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I have just started and am totally hooked. Problem is I can't get my roadmate to let me send info to it. Can someone help. thanks


By this you mean you're trying to load caches into it as points of interest? If so, that would require the program Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, and a macro (3rd party plug-in, for lack of a better term).


I believe Graculus, UK reviewer, has written a macro for Magellan. He has for Tom Tom. Garmin has a stranglehold on the automotive GPS market. I could tell you where to go to find out how to do it on a Garmin in a second. But of course I don't have to. I'm actually having difficulty finding the TomTom page, which I'm almost positive has Magellan info on it too. Stand by for an edit, assuming I don't forget. :lol:

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OK, he wrote a Macro for TomTom, it doesn't appear he wrote one for Magellan automotive GPS's. But you know what? A Magellan is a Magellan, and they obviously are in the handheld market, as well as Automotive GPSr's. Try something very simple here. You never know, it might work. Install the Magellan Communicator, plug that automotive GPS into the computer, and see if you can use the "send to GPS" button on any cache page. Hey, worth a try. :P

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