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delete a false " found it" of one of my caches

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I am a little bit exasperated, so many people logg my desactivated caches or logg active caches without signing the loggbook for any reason ( no pen or dont know what else),usually I stay cool, for me it is a game so what! But today's case is different, is the drop too much for me! somebody logged a cache which I changed location ( 20 meters or so) several month or a year ago.I forgot to delete the spoiler, o.k., my fault! but that does not justify this person logged my cache only looking at the spoiler, saying did find the location but not the container, sure, he is 20m away in a new location and is found by well prepared cachers every day actually! SO please, how can I delete a untrue find? thanks in advance


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I would suggest


i) Email the finder, explain that as he did not find your cache or sign the log you will be deleting the find if he does not return to sign within the next two weeks.




ii) If he doesn't bother to return, in two weeks go to his log on the cache page, click "View log", then click on the red cross to delete the log.


Or, you could just sigh deeply, have a large mug of tea/coffee, ignore the matter and hope other cachers do it better.


MrsB :)

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