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Commercial site?

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I'm working on placing my first Geocache. I wanted to put it in a particular area of our city's civic complex (I work for the city) but the Parks and Rec manager who needs to approve it suggested another location.


The location he suggested is at a sports complex that is a joint city/commercial venture. The city sponsors events at the complex and also donated the land and part of the initial build cost, but the sports complex is run by a small corporation.


Here's my dilemma. I don't want this cache to be just a park and grab. I want to introduce people to the area and tell them a little bit about the rather unique relationship between the city and the sports complex. Maybe mention the adult dodgeball league and even that the complex is named for a NFL hall of famer (our state's only one). Would this be too commercial for approval?

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If there is no cost associated with getting access to the cache, it shouldn't be a problem.


You should however, tread lightly on the "agenda" issue.


To bring somebody (cachers) to a unique area is one of the primary objectives to geocaching. It sounds like you may be on the right track, just be careful of "to honor" or "in honor" type of notations regarding the placement. Naming the small corporation may be a red flag, also.


Another suggestion would be to pass the entire idea to your reviewer. They pretty much have the final say-so, and are always happier to help rather than to deny.

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Simply placing a cache at a commercial location isn't necessarily a violation of the guidelines. If the cache involved entering the establishment, having to interact with employees or paying a entrance fee then it is a no go. If you just stick in in front of a commercial establishment it isn't necessarily a guideline violation as long as the writeup doesn't have overtones of advertizing.


Yes, you can probably mention the the unique relationship between the city and operator if it is framed as "historical background". All that said, I won't be reviewing your cache so the best person to ask would be your local reviewer. He might have a slightly different interpretation of the commercial guideline.

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I'm quite new here, but I wanted to echo what briansnat said, it would be best to check with your local reviewer.


My first cache was rejected for having a commercial interest because I used a pub name as a landmark (common here in the UK). The cache description said nothing about entering the pub, just that a related landmark was moved close to it. I had to remove that to get the cache published.


All the best, Russ

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