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FS/FT Gameboy Advance SP! Looking for...

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I have a used but in mint condition Gameboy Advance SP FS or FT. This is the blue one, about 3 months old, absolutely flawless condition with charger.


I'm looking for:


-$70 shipped OBO


Trade for:

-Etrex Yellow/Camo

-Brunton Nomad

-HighGear TraipDrop,Techtrail 3, Compass High, AltiTech

-SOG Seal Pup

-CRKT 6603N Mt. Whitney

-Other cool Hiking gear


E-mail: FindingTheCache@hotmail.com




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I put this up on Yahoo auction. If someone buys it here before anyone bids on the auction, I'll end the auction and the buyer here will get it.


If there is a bid on the auction, I will have to cancel this sale here.


Time is ticking now. I'll do a Geocaching special of $70 shipped with a link cable thrown in.


Auction: http://page.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/auction/76422072?aucview=0x70

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